Donlon Books, London: Taken by itslyndell and posted on Instagram. Did the woman in the photo (turns out it's Raissa Pardini...) know that there were all these primary colours on the cover? Perfect style combination with the window, the signage, the kid in jeans and the white shirt, and even the guy wearing the red jacket entering the shop balancing the palette. Taken outside the much-loved and totally on it Donlon Books.

Behind This Wall, London: Some of the music played at the Behind This Wall event in Hackney. It was fun to play some music as well as talk. Thanks to Guy Bingley and friends for organising.

Pages of Hackney, London: Greg Wilson and me. 

Donlon Books, London 

Pages of Hackney at the Institute of Light, London

The Refuge, Manchester: The after party at the Refuge in Manchester with Scruff and Paulette.

Brilliant Corners, London: Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy reads from L&D at Classical Album Sundays. Photo Jo Kemp.

Phonica Records, London: Settling down at Phonica in Soho, before the book event begins. I'm off on the right of the photo signing books. Photo by Elli Michail.

The Baltic Social, Liverpool: Tea time (apparently) with Greg Wilson and Paula McMahon at the Baltic Social in Liverpool. Photo by Martin Noakes.

Texture, Manchester: The Screened team-plus at Texture, Manchester, L>R Nick Kagame Jones, Liam Britnell, Benjamin DaviesAnna Louise Cooper, the owner of Texture (can someone remind me of her name?), Lucky Cloud's Suiko Nakai and the irrepressible Irfan Rainy. What a fun night!

Donlon Books, London: Since the book went on sale for the first time at Lucky Cloud Sound System's autumn London Loft party I've been signing books and signing books and signing books (with this pic snapped by Aj Kwame at Donlon Books). It's been a great way to meet and chat with reader/dancers--always a total pleasure. Thank you to all, I'm one lucky writer... 

Love Vinyl, London: Most of the books were sold by the end of the event. It's been incredibly refreshing to have been able to do so many events with independent bookstores and labels, and to see so many readers wanting to buy from these stores rather than give money to tax-dodging multinational corporations that slash prices precisely because they're dodging taxes. Thanks to Love Vinyl and all the stores for putting a face on it and keeping it in the community.

Baltic Social, Liverpool: Reading from the section about David Mancuso in the Loft. Photo by Martin Noakes.

 Walthamstow, London

Walthamstow, London

NTS Radio, London: Ross Allen and I re-living our Gat Decor moment after the NTS Foundations show. You can listen back here

Walthamstow Waterstones, London

Pages of Hackney, London: Downtown 81 w Basquiat.

Greg Wilson reads the book before publishing the first review.

The Refuge, Manchester: Flyer. 

Pages of Hackney, London.

The Baltic Social, Liverpool: Greg Wilson at the Baltic Social event in Liverpool. Greg has a good hairdresser, I cut my own hair, lessons to be learnt. Photo by Martin Noakes.

Lucky Cloud Sound System at the Rose Lipman Building, London: Matt Gregory at Lucky Cloud Sound System's London Loft party in the autumn. It's not often that someone purchases five copies of the book...

Lucky Cloud Sound System, Rose Lipman Building, London: Maz Ain at Lucky Cloud Sound System. Photo by Jo Kemp.

Phonica Records, London: Author signs book. People keep wondering if I'm left-handed. Sorry about that. It's just that it's really weird writing with a pen these days. OK, I confess, my handwriting was always challenging. Someone once described it as a "spider on acid".

Lucky Cloud Soundsystem, Rose Lipman Building, London: Simon Halpin and I at Lucky Cloud Sound System. Photo by Jo Kemp.

Lucky Cloud Sound System, Rose Lipman Building, London: Photo by Jo Kemp. 

Phonica Records, London: Juan and I flick through records to pick out some early 1980s sounds before the event begins at Phonica. I used to have brown hair. Then I started writing books (and they've taken a long time to write)... Photograph: Elli Michail.

Phonica Records, London: Flyer. 

Classical Album Sundays, Brilliant Corners, London: Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy hosts Classic Album Sundays, featuring Dinosaur L/Arthur Russell's 24>24 Music plus Life and Death on the NY Dance Floor. The conversation was engaging. The album sounded awesome on the sound system. Love Brilliant Corners. Who could ask for more?

Manchester Screened