UK Gallery

Donlon Books, London. Photo by

Raissa Pardini

Behind This Wall, London,

Pages of Hackney, London: Greg Wilson and me. 

Donlon Books, London 

Pages of Hackney at the Institute of Light, London

The Refuge, Manchester: The after party at the Refuge in Manchester with Scruff and Paulette.

Brilliant Corners, London: Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy reads from L&D at Classical Album Sundays. Photo Jo Kemp.

Phonica Records, London.  Photo by Elli Michail.

The Baltic Social, Liverpool: Tea time (apparently) with Greg Wilson and Paula McMahon at the Baltic Social in Liverpool. Photo by Martin Noakes.

Texture, Manchester

Donlon Books, London.

Love Vinyl, London

Baltic Social, Liverpool: Reading from the section about David Mancuso in the Loft. Photo by Martin Noakes.

Walthamstow, London

Walthamstow, London

NTS Radio, London: Ross Allen and I re-living our Gat Decor moment after the NTS Foundations show. You can listen back here

Walthamstow Waterstones, London

Pages of Hackney, London: Downtown 81 w Basquiat.

Greg Wilson reads the book before publishing the first review.

The Refuge, Manchester: Flyer. 

Pages of Hackney, London.

The Baltic Social, Liverpool.

Lucky Cloud Sound System at the Rose Lipman Building, London

Lucky Cloud Sound System, Rose Lipman Building, London: Maz Ain at Lucky Cloud Sound System. Photo by Jo Kemp.

Phonica Records, London

Lucky Cloud Soundsystem, Rose Lipman Building, London: Simon Halpin and I at Lucky Cloud Sound System. Photo by Jo Kemp.

Lucky Cloud Sound System, Rose Lipman Building, London: Photo by Jo Kemp. 

Phonica Records, London. Photograph: Elli Michail.

Phonica Records, London: Flyer. 

Classical Album Sundays, Brilliant Corners, London: Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy hosts Classic Album Sundays, featuring Dinosaur L/Arthur Russell's 24>24 Music plus Life and Death on the NY Dance Floor.

Manchester Screened