Endorsements for Love Saves the Day: A History of American Dance Music Culture, 1970–1979


Love Saves the Day is what we need for generations to come: it’s the real history of dance music and dj/club culture.” — Louie Vega, dj/producer, Masters At Work & Nuyorican Soul


“As authoritative as it is gossipy, Love Saves the Day is the ultimate backstage view of disco, the underground phenomenon that ended up defining a decade. Tim Lawrence talked to virtually everyone who shaped ‘70s urban nightlife, but he keeps his prime focus on the djs who created its seductive soundtrack. With them as your witty, opinionated guides, you’ll find yourself well past the velvet ropes, deep inside a scene that has never been so thoroughly or lovingly illuminated.” — Vince Aletti, Village Voice


“At last disco gets the history it deserves. Tim Lawrence tells the story of ten years that shook the musical world with the scholar’s concern for detail and the fan’s concern for honor. Great tales of the humble and the ahubristic, of money, sex, and the utopia of the sound system. Illuminating and moving.” — Simon Frith, author of Performing Rites: On the Value of Popular Music


“At long last, a candid, detailed, and authoritative look back on one of dance music’s most seminal moments in time. This book on the genesis of the movement in 1970s New York will delight anyone from the researcher wanting some serious unbiased fact-checking all the way to the casual music lover curious for juicy anecdotes. It’s about time!” — François K., dj and founder and president of Wave Music


“I wish I'd written it myself.” — Barry Walters, Senior Music Critic, Rolling Stone