International Women's Day

To mark International Women’s Day, Colleen Murphy, one of the most important DJs on today's dance scene and also a co-partner in Lucky Cloud Sound System, invited me along with many others to chose a recording that features a female artist and provide a Twitter-friendly description of the reason for our choice plus a photo.

I chose Marlena Shaw's live rendition of "Woman of the Ghetto" and wrote: 'Addressing feminism, blackness and poverty, Marlena Shaw’s “Woman of the Ghetto” was ahead of its time when it first came out on 7” in 1969. The vocalist’s subsequent nine-and-a-half-minute delivery of the song during a live show at Montreux in 1974 took it to the next level, and remains as radical and relevant as ever.’  


Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 14.49.59.png

Upcoming talks and events

I’m now back from a hectically thrilling two-week trip to New York (plus Yale and Cornell). For a blow-by-blow account of the trip, which included events at the Museum of Modern Art, Howl, the Loft, 718 Sessions, Better Days at Analog, Superior Elevation Records, Rough Trade, Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects, the Graduate Centre/CUNY, NYU and Columbia, please visit my Facebook page.

Events continue in the UK this week with a 3-hour NTS Radio interview plus readings/appearances at Phonica and Love Vinyl. Next week there’s an interview with Gilles Peterson and an afternoon session with Colleen Murphy at Classic Album Sundays (where we’ll be talking about the book and listening to Dinosaur L’s 24>24 Music).

Soon after I’ll be heading up to Liverpool and Manchester, with more events planned in London as well as Germany. For a full list of events please visit the main events page here.