USA - New York

Photo by Seze Devres

Photo by Seze Devres

My editor, Ken Wissoker, at the MoMA book launch.

The Biblioteca Criolla/Jersey City Public Library.

NYU symposium. Left to right: Jeffrey Deitch, Glenn O Brien, Chi Chi Valenti, Michael Zilkha, Jim Fouratt. The discussion was intense.

Ivan Baker and Justin Strauss.

Superior Elevation, with Ivan Baker and Justin Strauss spinning records and participating in a public conversation. Photo by Andrea Rose Clarke

Better Days

A shot from the evening at the Biblioteca Criolla/Jersey City Public Library. Photo courtesy of the Biblioteca Criolla/Jersey City Public Library.

Me dancing at Better Days/Analog. Photo by Yuliya Skya.

Elliott Trice and Rodrigo Padilla in the MoMA bar.

Superior Elevation Records in Bushwick.

Better Days at Analog. Photo by Yuliya Skya

Steven Harvey at Steve Harvey Fine Art Projects

At the end of the party at Joy. (left to right) Archie Burnett, Ernesto Green, Finn Jones, Tim Lawrence and Douglas Sherman.

Sukhdev Sandhu introducing the NYU symposium. By the look on my face he's saying something about how great it must have been to live through early 1980s NYC. To my left: Pat Ivers and Emily Armstrong.

Tessa Lawrence at the Museum of Modern Art launch.

Dany Johnson, Johnny Dynell and Ande Whyland

Yuliya Skya and me with two books...

In the MoMA bar after the launch, left to right: Ken Wissoker, Kit Fitzgerald, Peter Gordon, Tim Lawrence, Jim Fouratt.

Screening of Downtown 81, Museum of Modern Art launch