Discography: Love Saves the Day

The following discography lists all of the recordings referred to in Love Saves the Day. It provides basic information on the name of the artist, the title of the recording, the name of the label that originally released the recording, and the year in which the recording was first released. Entries are listed in alphabetical order, first according to the name of the artist, and subsequently according to the title of the recording. Albums are highlighted in italics, whereas individual album cuts, seven-inch singles, and twelve-inch singles are written in normal typeface. 


Abaco Dream. ‘‘Life and Death in G & A.’’ A&M, 1969. 

Area Code 615. ‘‘Stone Fox Chase.’’ Polydor, 1970. 

Ashford & Simpson. ‘‘Found a Cure.’’ Warner Bros., 1979. 

----------.‘‘It Seems to Hang On.’’ Warner Bros., 1978. 

----------. ‘‘Over and Over.’’ Warner Bros., 1977. 

----------. ‘‘Stay Free.’’ Warner Bros., 1979. 

Atmosfear. ‘‘Dancing in Outer Space.’’ Elite, 1979. 

Auger, Brian, & the Trinity. ‘‘Listen Here.’’ RCA, 1970. 

Ayers, Roy, Ubiquity. ‘‘Don’ t Stop the Feeling.’’ Polydor, 1979. 

----------. ‘‘Running Away.’’ Polydor, 1977. 

Babe Ruth. ‘‘ The Mexican.’’ Harvest, 1973. 

Barrabas. Barrabas. RCA, 1972. 

----------. ‘‘ Wild Safari.’’ RCA, 1972. 

----------. ‘‘ Woman.’’ RCA, 1972. 

Barrow, Keith. ‘‘ Turn Me Up.’’ Columbia, 1978. 

Bataan, Joe. ‘‘Aftershower Funk.’’ Mericana, 1973. 

----------. ‘‘Latin Strut.’’ Mericana, 1973. 

----------. ‘‘Rap- O Clap- O.’’ Salsoul, 1979. 

----------. Salsoul. Mericana, 1973. 

Bean, Carl. ‘‘I Was Born This Way.’’ Motown, 1977. 

Beatles. ‘‘Here Comes the Sun.’’ Apple, 1969.  

----------. ‘‘It’s Too Funky in Here.’’ Polydor, 1979. 

----------. ‘‘Mother Popcorn (You Got to Have a Mother for Me).’’ King, 1969. 

Brown, Peter. ‘‘Do Ya Wanna Get Funky With Me.’’ TK, 1977. 

----------. ‘‘Love in Our Hearts.’’ TK, 1979. 

B. T. Express. ‘‘Do It (’ Til You’re Satisfied).’’ Scepter, 1974. 

----------. ‘‘Express.’’ Scepter/Roadshow, 1974. 

----------. ‘‘Peace Pipe.’’ Scepter/Roadshow, 1975. 

Bumble Bee Unlimited. ‘‘Lady Bug.’’ Red Greg, 1978. 

----------. ‘‘Love Bug.’’ Red Greg, 1976. 

Byrd, Bobby. ‘‘Hot Pants—I’m Coming, Coming, I’m Coming.’’ BrownStone, 1971. 

Candido. ‘‘Dancin’ and Prancin’.’’ Salsoul, 1979. 

----------. ‘‘Jingo.’’ Salsoul, 1979. 

----------. ‘‘ Thousand Finger Man.’’ Salsoul, 1979. 

Cara, Irene. ‘‘Flashdance . . . What a Feeling.’’ Casablanca, 1983. 

Carn, Jean. ‘‘ Was That All It Was.’’ Philadelphia International, 1979. 

Cerrone. ‘‘Black Is Black.’’ Cotillion, 1977. 

----------. ‘‘Call Me Tonight.’’ Atlantic, 1979. 

----------. ‘‘Love in ‘C’ Minor.’’ Cotillion, 1977. 

----------. ‘‘Midnight Lady.’’ Cotillion, 1977. 

----------. Supernature. Cotillion, 1977. 

----------. ‘‘Supernature.’’ Cotillion, 1977. 

Chakachas. ‘‘Jungle Fever.’’ Polydor, 1972. 

Change. ‘‘A Lover ’s Holiday.’’ RFC, 1980. 

Charo and the Salsoul Orchestra. ‘‘Dance a Little Bit Closer.’’ Salsoul, 1977. 

Cher. ‘‘ Take Me Home.’’ Casablanca, 1979. 

Chic. ‘‘Dance Dance Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah).’’ Atlantic, 1977. 

----------. ‘‘Good Times.’’ Atlantic, 1979. 

----------. ‘‘Le Freak.’’ Atlantic, 1978. 

Chicago. ‘‘I’m a Man.’’ Columbia, 1970. 

----------. ‘‘Street Player.’’ Columbia, 1979. 

Chocolat. Kings of Clubs. Salsoul, 1977. 

C. J. & Co. ‘‘Devil’s Gun.’’ Westbound, 1977. 

----------. ‘‘ We’ ve Got Our Own Thing.’’ Westbound, 1977. 

Class Action featuring Christine Wiltshire. ‘‘ Weekend.’’ Sleeping Bag, 1983.

Clifford, Linda. ‘‘Runaway Love.’’ Curtom, 1978.

Collins, Lynn. ‘‘ Think (About It).’’ People, 1972. 

Consumer Rapport. ‘‘Ease On Down the Road.’’ Wing & a Prayer, 1975. 

Cookie Monster & the Girls. ‘‘C Is for Cookie.’’ Sesame Street, 1978. 

Costandinos, Alec, and the Syncophonic Orchestra. Romeo and Juliet. Casablanca, 1978. 

Creative Source. ‘‘ Who Is He and What Is He to You?’’ Sussex, 1973. 

Crown Heights Affair. ‘‘Say a Prayer for Two.’’ De-Lite, 1978. 

Curtis, Chantal. ‘‘Get Another Love.’’ Key, 1979. 

Cymande. ‘‘Bra.’’ Janus, 1972. 

Dash, Sarah. ‘‘Sinner Man.’’ Kirshner, 1978. 

Dees, Rick, and His Cast of Idiots. ‘‘Disco Duck.’’ RSO, 1976. 

De La Fe, Alfredo. ‘‘Hot to Trot.’’ Criollo, 1979. 

----------. ‘‘My Favorite Things.’’ Criollo, 1979. 

Deodato, Eumir. ‘‘Night Cruiser.’’ Warner Bros., 1980. 

Dibango, Manu. ‘‘Soul Makossa.’’ Atlantic, 1973. 

Disco Dub Band. ‘‘For the Love of Money.’’ Movers Records, 1976. 

Disco Tex & the Sex- O-Lettes. ‘‘Get Dancin’.’’ Chelsea, 1974. 

Dinosaur. ‘‘Kiss Me Again.’’ Sire, 1978. 

Doobie Brothers. ‘‘Long Train Running.’’ Warner Bros., 1973. 

Doors. ‘‘Roadhouse Blues.’’ Elektra, 1970. 

Double Exposure. ‘‘My Love Is Free.’’ Salsoul, 1976. 

----------. ‘‘ Ten Percent.’’ Salsoul, 1976. 

Douglas, Carl. ‘‘Kung Fu Fighting.’’ 20th Century, 1974. 

Douglas, Carol. ‘‘Doctor ’s Orders.’’ Midland International, 1974. 

----------. ‘‘Midnight Love Affair.’’ Midland International, 1976. 

Downing, Al. ‘‘I’ ll Be Holding On.’’ Chess, 1974. 

Downing, Don. ‘‘Dream World.’’ Scepter, 1974. 

Dozier, Lamont. ‘‘Going Back to My Roots.’’ Warner Bros., 1977. 

Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band. ‘‘Cherchez la Femme.’’ RCA, 1976. 

----------. Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band. RCA, 1976. 

----------. ‘‘I’ ll Play the Fool.’’ RCA, 1976. 

----------. ‘‘Sour and Sweet.’’ RCA, 1976. 

Duke, George. ‘‘I Want You for Myself.’’ Epic, 1979. 

Dury, Ian. ‘‘Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick.’’ Stiff, 1978. 

Dynamic Corvettes. ‘‘Funky Music Is the Thing.’’ Abet, 1975. 

Earth, Wind & Fire. ‘‘Boogie Wonderland.’’ ARC, 1970. 

Easy Going. ‘‘Baby I Love You.’’ Prism, 1979. 

Ecstasy, Passion & Pain. ‘‘Ask Me.’’ Roulette, 1974. 

Ecstasy, Passion & Pain featuring Barbara Roy. ‘‘ Touch and Go.’’ Roulette, 1976. 

El Coco. ‘‘Let’s Get It Together.’’ AVI, 1976. 

Emotions. ‘‘I Don’ t Wanna Lose Your Love.’’ Columbia, 1976. 

Equals. ‘‘Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys.’’ President, 1970. 

Executive Suite. ‘‘ When the Fuel Runs Out.’’ Babylon, 1974. 

Extensions from (212). ‘‘Manhattan Shuffle.’’ Friends & Co., 1979. 

Exuma. ‘‘Exuma, the Obeah Man.’’ Mercury, 1969. 

Fair, Yvonne. ‘‘It Should Have Been Me.’’ Motown, 1975. 

Faithfull, Marianne. ‘‘ Why D’Ya Do It?’’ Island, 1979. 

Fatback. ‘‘King Tim III (Personality Jock).’’ Spring, 1979. 

Fidenco, Nico. Emanuelle Nera. West End, 1976. 


First Choice. ‘‘Armed and Extremely Dangerous.’’ Philly Groove, 1973. 

----------. Delusions. Gold Mind, 1977. 

----------. ‘‘Double Cross.’’ Gold Mind, 1979. 

----------. ‘‘Doctor Love.’’ Gold Mind, 1977. 

----------. ‘‘Guilty.’’ Philly Groove, 1974. 

----------. Hold Your Horses. Gold Mind, 1979. 

----------. ‘‘Hold Your Horses.’’ Gold Mind, 1978. 

----------. ‘‘Let No Man Put Asunder.’’ Gold Mind, 1977. 

----------. ‘‘Love and Happiness.’’ Philly Groove, 1973. 

----------. ‘‘Love Thang.’’ Gold Mind, 1979. 

----------. ‘‘Newsy Neighbors.’’ Philly Groove, 1973. 

----------. ‘‘Smarty Pants.’’ Philly Groove, 1973. 

----------. So Let Us Entertain You. Warner Bros., 1976. 

----------. ‘‘ The Player.’’ Philly Groove, 1973. 

Four Tops. ‘‘I Can’ t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch).’’ Motown, 1965. 

----------. ‘‘Still Waters.’’ Motown, 1970. 

Franklin, Aretha. ‘‘Ain’ t No Way.’’ Atlantic, 1968. 

----------. ‘‘Respect.’’ Atlantic, 1967. 

Front Page. ‘‘Love Insurance.’’ Panorama, 1979. 

Funk Machine. ‘‘Funk Machine.’’ TK, 1977. 

Gardner, Taana. ‘‘ When You Touch Me.’’ West End, 1979. 

----------. ‘‘ Work That Body.’’ West End, 1979. 

Gaye, Marvin. ‘‘I Heard It Through the Grapevine.’’ Tamla, 1968. 

----------. ‘‘ What’s Going On.’’ Tamla, 1971. 

Gaynor, Gloria. ‘‘Casanova Brown.’’ MGM, 1975. 

----------. ‘‘I Will Survive.’’ Polydor, 1978. 

----------. ‘‘(If You Want It) Do It Yourself.’’ MGM, 1975. 

----------. ‘‘How High the Moon.’’ MGM, 1975. 

----------. Never Can Say Goodbye. MGM, 1975. 

----------. ‘‘Never Can Say Goodbye.’’ MGM, 1974. 

----------. Park Avenue Sound. Polydor, 1978. 

----------. ‘‘Substitute.’’ Polydor, 1978. 


Gentry, Bobbie. ‘‘Ode to Billie Joe.’’ Capitol, 1967. 

Giorgio. From Here to Eternity. Casablanca, 1977. 

Glass House. ‘‘I Can’ t Be You (You Can’ t Be Me).’’ Invictus, 1970. 

Grant, Eddy. ‘‘Living on the Frontline.’’ Epic, 1978. 

----------. ‘‘ Walking on Sunshine.’’ Epic, 1979. 

Green, Al. ‘‘Let’s Stay Together.’’ Hi, 1971. 

----------. ‘‘Love and Happiness.’’ Hi, 1972. 

Green, Jesse. ‘‘Nice & Slow.’’ Scepter, 1976. 

Hammond, Johnny. ‘‘Los Conquistadores Chocolatés.’’ Fantasy, 1975. 

Harris, Damon. ‘‘It’s Music.’’ Fantasy/WMOT, 1978.

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Arthur Russell

I first heard about Arthur Russell in 1997, just after I started to research Love Saves the Day. I was interviewing Steve D'Acquisto at the time and Steve started to rave about Arthur, Arthur, Arthur and even suggested that I should write a biography about him. That's what I started to do right after Love Saves the Day went into production during 2003. I loved Arthur's mutant dance tracks yet ended up being just as beguiled by other recordings, from the shimmering voice-cello sound of World of Echo to the electronic-funk-pop posthumously released by Audika on Calling Out of Context in 2004. Steve Knutson, head of Audika, and Tom Lee, Arthur's surviving partner, made Arthur's archives available to me during my research and became hugely important facilitators; I remain indebted. Arthur's spirit lives on through his music, released and re-eleased by Audika, Soul Jazz and other labels, through Matt Wolf's lovely documentary film Wild Combination and, I sometimes like to think, through the publication of Hold On to Your Dreams. I have a significant amount of material I would like to upload to this page. It will take a while...


I never got to interview Arthur, who passed away in 1992, 12 years before I started to research and write Hold On to Your Dreams. What a regret. I will post the small number of interviews conducted with Arthur in Articles, below, at some point in the future.


Full discography from Hold On to Your Dreams. here.


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