Europe Gallery

Daniel Wang, NYC-raised, Berlin-based DJ/producer/philosophy/hedonist and dear friend who I don't see nearly enough at Echo Books as the crowd rolls in.

Benjamin Wild, co-organiser of the event at PAL, Hamburg. Thanks for making it happen, Benjamin! Photo: Katja Ruge

Finn Johannsen and I, we had a good laugh. Photo: Katja Ruge

Signing books during my visit to Vilnius. Pic posted on instagram by opiumvilnius. — with Arturas Mamania.

Playing some vinyl at PAL, Hamburg, before the talk begins. I was feeling totally rough beforehand and had barely made it through the talk the night before--but the music picked me up.

Kotryna Lingienė hands over in Vilnius... Photo by Tautvydas Stukas.

Some of the records I picked out in Dublin. I'm pretty heavily into Tuxedomoon's "Desire" right now...

So there was no plan for me to use a microphone, but by the time the evening got going I was close to losing my voice. David and his team at Echo Books saved the day... Photo: Marie Staggat

The rippling concentric circles of Life and Death on the NY Dance Floor will reach Limerick this coming Saturday and about time, too! I'll be talking about the book at Mother Mac's, "the mother of all pubs", at 5pm, free entry, with Paul Tarpey leading the Q&A. If folks get lucky the chit-chat will stop in time for them to get a few hours off before the night continues at Backwards, an invite only party organised by Cian Frawley, midnight to 8:00am. I'll be selecting a few records before the serious folks get going and the night swerves towards its destiny. My flight is at 1pm--hmmm, do I bother trying to get some sleep? Many thanks to Cian for the invite and organising, and to Paul plus Hugh Heffernan for the cool flyer. Don't make me wait, don't make me wait... Listen: Part 1, /Part 2,

Finn Johannsen DJing at PAL, Hamburg, after the book talk. It was great to have a dance at the end of four nights of talks. Photo Katja Ruge 

Sven VT, editor-in-chief at Electronic Beats and organiser of the Germany L&D tour, and dear friend Lisa Blanning, electronic music writer/editor/dancer. Lisa and I met while organising the Electronic Beats lecture series collaboration between UEL and the Wire...

Some of the records I played at PAL, Hamburg. Photo: Katja Ruge

At the back of the room at Robert Johnson Theorie--space... Photo: Jessica-Schäfer

As I was saying, it was a tight room--and it was pretty packed. Photo: Jessica-Schäfer

Hans Nieswandt at the Bochum event. Colleague and friend Numinos was kind enough to drive to the airport at Dusseldorf with Hans to pick me up. After the event we went to eat and insisted I order a broth to soothe my throat--very sweet of them--and the soup was excellent. Photo: Arno Kröger