David Mancuso
Select Discography (Loft 1977–78)

Keith Barrow, ‘‘Turn Me Up’’
Crown Heights Affair, ‘‘Say a Prayer for Two’’
Lamont Dozier, ‘‘Going Back to My Roots’’
First Choice, ‘‘Doctor Love’’
Eddy Grant, “Living on the Frontline”
Damon Harris, ‘‘It’s Music’’
Bruce Johnston, ‘‘Pipeline’’
Eddie Kendricks, ‘‘Goin’ Up in Smoke’’
Idris Muhammad, ‘‘Could Heaven Ever Be Like This’’
Teddy Pendergrass, ‘‘Only You’’
Don Ray, ‘‘Standing in the Rain’’
Rinder & Lewis, ‘‘Lust’’
Ripple, ‘‘The Beat Goes On and On’’
Cat Stevens, ‘‘Was Dog a Doughnut’’
Sylvester, ‘‘Over and Over’’
A Taste of Honey, ‘‘Boogie Oogie Oogie’’
Third World, ‘‘Now That We Found Love’’
THP Orchestra, ‘‘Two Hot for Love’’
Voyage, Voyage
War, ‘‘Galaxy’’
David Williams, ‘‘Come On Down Boogie People’’
Lenny Williams, ‘‘Choosing You’’
Winners, ‘‘Get Ready for the Future’’