Life and Death playlists/music links

Red Bull Music Academy have created YouTube playlists for nine of the book's playlists (permission was granted--thanks to Todd Burns and Torsten Schmidt for their support). So if you want to listen while you read, or even dance while you read, here are the links:

Larry Levan, The Paradise Garage (1980)

Seán Cassette and Mark Kamins, Danceteria (1980)

Alan Dodd, Opening Night at The Saint (20 September 1980)

David Mancuso, The Loft (1980-1981)

François Kevorkian, AM/PM (1981-1982)

Africa Bambaataa, Afrika Islam, Grand Mixer D.St, Grand Wizard Theodore, Jazzy Jay, and Red Alert, The Roxy (1982)

Ivan Baker, Pyramid (1982-1983)

John “Jellybean” Benitez / John Benitez, The Funhouse (1982-1983)

Johnny Dynell, Area (1983)