Panel discussion and book launch at The Museum of Modern Art

I couldn't quite believe it when the Museum of Modern Art approached me to suggest a launch event for Life and Death on the New York Dance Floor and now that the launch has happened I still can't believe it.

From the book signing queues to the wonder of seeing Downtown 81 on the big screen for the first time to the absolute pleasure of chairing a panel of downtown stars ( Ann Magnuson, Patti Astor, Fred Brathwaite/Fab 5 Freddy, Glenn O'Brien, Johnny Dynell and Michael Holman) to heading to the MoMA bar with downtowner friends and historic friends at the end of it all, the night was like a deliriously mad dream in which there's barely time to track the movement from scene to scene.

Here's a link to the panel discussion for those who couldn't be there or those who are committed enough to experience it all over again, Many thanks once again to Ron Magliozzi and Sophie Cavoulacos of MoMA for the invitation and all the hard work. I'm very happy and very lucky and I think the book is, too. 

You can also watch the video below.