Upcoming Events, April - July

I started to DJ regularly at the first All Our Friends party in January 2018. As well as initiate a new party, I wanted to express something musically. It's turned into a compelling, challenging and joyous experience, and I’m now getting quite a few invitations to play out, which is surreal as well as humbling. Here's info on upcoming events, inc. some talks mixed in with the parties, beginning with Soul Stew in Norwich this weekend--can't wait!

All Our Friends, March 2019, Photo by Silvia Gin

All Our Friends, March 2019, Photo by Silvia Gin


27 April, Soul Stew, Norwich. Talk/q&a at the Bicycle Shop, 2:30-6:00pm. Party at Bermuda Bob's Hi-Fi, 7A Timberhill, Norwich, 9:00pm-3:00am, with hosts Bill Sav and George Bacon

8 May, DJing with host Hans Nieswandt at Clubheim Olympia, Cologne

9 May, Rhinoceros, Berlin. Talk on audiophile party culture followed by DJing, with host Bénédict Berna http://www.rhinoceros-berlin.com

11 May, I’ll be DJing at a private party, but if I wasn’t doing that I’d be heading to Colleen Murphy’s Cosmodelica party at Giant Steps, https://www.facebook.com/events/398420927610827/

18 May, All Our Friends, Chats Palace, 42–44 Brooksby’s Walk, London E9 6DF, 5pm to half-past-midnight. More info: www.allourfriends.org. Write to tim@allourfriends.org to join the invite list

24 May, Kauplus Aasia, Tallinn. Screening of Downtown 81 followed by DJing alongside host Rhythm Doctor / Christopher Long, 2a Kopli Street, Tallinn 10414. On the 25th I’ll be talking in Biit Me record store, 3-5 Viru Street, Tallinn 10140

30 May, I’ll be hosting a Worldwide FM show 4:00-6:00pm with the incredible Jenn Nkiru

15 June, All Our Friends at Giant Steps, Swan Wharf, 60 Dace Rd, Hackney Wick, London E3 2NQ, 5:00-11:00pm. More info: www.allourfriends.org.Write to tim@allourfriends.org to join the invite list

23 June, I won’t be musical hosting/DJing but would like to invite all to Lucky Cloud Sound System’s summer party, 5:00pm to midnight, www.loftparty.org

29 June, Les Siestes Electronique, Toulouse, France, 1:00-6:00am. More at http://www.les-siestes-electroniques.com

27 July, All Our Friends at Giant Steps, Swan Wharf, 60 Dace Rd, Hackney Wick, London E3 2NQ, 5:00-11:00pm. More info: www.allourfriends.org.Write to tim@allourfriends.org to join the invite list

Many thanks to each and every host for the invites. I'm looking forward to all.

Hope to see you on a dance floor soon :)


New US Tour Dates

Besides my new tour dates in the US, it turns out I’ll be returning to Liverpool to speak about the book for the Sound of the City festival on 26 May. Pioneering early 1980s DJ Greg Wilson will be asking questions and throwing in some wisdom. The Human League, the Art of Noise and ACR are playing the night before so I’m glad we’ve got an early afternoon slot. Details to follow on that plus likely book talks in Vienna on 9 June and Warsaw on 10 June, with all info available here.

Saturday 18 March, Limerick, Mother Macs, followed by Backwards party (invite only)
Wednesday 19 April, Pittsburgh, Studio for Creative Inquiry, followed by an after-party at VIA
Saturday 22 April, Seattle, paper at EMP conference
Sunday 23 April, San Francisco, Alley Cat Books, followed by after-party
Monday 24 April, San Francisco, Vinyl Dreams, followed by Christopher Orr DJ set
Tuesday 25 April, Riverside, University of California
Wednesday 26 April, Los Angeles, Mount Analog, inc possible live NTS stream
Thursday 27 April, University of Iowa
Friday 28 April, Iowa, Arthur Russell “Planting a Thought” symposium, Legion Arts
Monday 1 May, Jersey City Free Public Library
Tuesday 2 May, Boston, UMass Boston Campus Center 3540
Friday 26 May, Liverpool, Sound of the City festival
Friday 9 June, Vienna, tbc
Saturday 10 June, Warsaw, tbc

Book launch events in Germany this weekend

Following Monday night's engaging Life and Death on the NY Dance Floor/ Creative Talks event at Sketch--thanks to Aj Kwame for hosting and chairing--the launch series now switches to Germany. I'll be in Bochum on Thursday, heading to Berlin on Friday, then on to Offenbach on Saturday and wrapping in Hamburg on Sunday. Will there come a point when I grow tired of talking about NYC 1980-83? No chance...



Thursday 8 December
Institut für populäre Musik der Folkwang Universität der Künste                                                                        Prinz-Regent Str. 50-60
Bochum, Germany (Telekom Electronic Beats)
Doors 18:00, Reading starts at 19:00                                                                                                                         Free entry. Info here

Friday 9 December
Echo Bücher
Grüntaler Str. 9                                                                                                                                                           Berlin, Germany (Telekom Electronic Beats)
7pm to 10pm                                                                                                                                                               Reading from the book, followed by a moderated Q&A with TEB's editor-in-chief Sven von Thülen                         Info here                                

Saturday 10 December
Robert Johnson Theorie
Nordring 131                                                                                                                                                               Offenbach, Germany (Telekom Electronic Beats)
10pm to 11:45pm                                                                                                                                                         Info here

Sunday 11 December
PAL                                                                                                                                                                             Karolinenstr. 45                                                                                                                                                           Hamburg, Germany (Telekom Electronic Beats)
20:00 to 02:00                                                                                                                                                             Book presentation followed by Finn Johannsen DJ set                                                                                             Info here       

I'm very much looking forward to hanging out with Sven VT and Hans Nieswandt as well as getting a chance to spend some time with friends Lisa Blanning, Daniel Wang and Lou Louften. If I'm lucky I'll also get to see Angus Finlayson (an ex-student at UEL who is now working as a writer and musician in Berlin), Arnold Dreyblatt (one of Arthur Russell's dear friends) and Steve Mass (owner of the Mudd Club).

Many thanks to Sven VT for organising the tour and Telekom Electronic Beats for funding.