Updates post Life & Death

I'm quite behind with plugging a bunch of articles that discuss Life and Death on the New York Dance Floor, the other books and even some other writing, so starting with the most recent and working my way backwards...

Finn Johannsen has just published an interview he conducted with me in Hamburg in Taz (in German) pdf file and on his website (in English) http://bit.ly/2jXCVks.Finn can do everything--DJ, make good conversation, write articles--is he eligible to run for US president?

At the end of December I published an article on parties that have shaped my life, beginning with Hot at the Haçienda, moving through to Feel Real at the Gardening Club, and then tracking experiences at Body & Soul plus the Loft in NYC and London. Tracking down photos of Feel Real and the Rhythm Doctor, Christopher Long, the first DJ to really turn me onto house music, took some doing. It was neat to find one of Chris alongside Louie Vega, whose set at the Gardening Club back in 1992/93 got me thinking that I had to spend some time living in NYC.

Conor Donlon and colleagues at Donlon Books included L&D on the NYDF in its "most brilliant reads" list published in i-D in December 2016. It's been quite thrilling to see how Donlon Books and other independent bookstores and records stores have been selling copies

A little earlier in December Music Is My Sanctuary published its top 10 music books of the year and was kind enough to include L&D. "This eagerly awaited follow-up to Lawrence’s classic Love Saves The Day is by far my favourite book of the year," wrote David Cantin. "A brilliantly documented and written piece that ventures into the New York party scene with great depth."

At the beginning of December the ubiquitous Barbie Bertisch and Paul Raffaele included my 2007 interview with David Mancuso along with my revised intro article to the interview in their on-it zine Love Injection. It's the only placed where the interview and updated article appear together. The interview was one of the most personal I got to conduct with David so I was chuffed when Paul and Barbie approach at the very moment when we were all trying to come to terms with David's passing. Please donate to support their work/receive a physical copy, http://bit.ly/2kmx2Md

Earlier in the autumn I also published a double interview I conducted with the DJ and Cosmic pioneer Daniele Baldelli in Electronic Beats. Following the publication of Love Saves the Day the Italian publisher of the book asked if I'd write a history of Italian disco, and so I spent some time in Rimini interviewing a number of the key figures. In the end the book didn't come together, in large part because I felt I could't tear myself away from the task of writing the Arthur biography and then L&D. Now the moment has passed--but several of the i/vs were pretty compelling, especially the ones with Daniele, so following a few extra exchanges with Daniele they're now available--thanks to EB and Sven VT for making it happen.