Upcoming Parties

Hello party people! I started a new little list to keep folks posted about upcoming party dates that I’m involved with and want to support as there’s more and more going on. If you want me to add you to the list just ask.

I appreciate that everyone is inundated these days. So:

On Thursday 14 Feb I’ll be putting on Loft classics at Brilliant Corners, 470 Kingsland Road E8 4AE, to mark the 49th anniversary of David Mancuso’s Loft. The last two parties have been fun. I’ll probably start to put on vinyl music from around 7:30, tbc. The dancing usually gets going about 10:00 although we can always carve out a little boogie area by the booth before then :)

On Saturday 16 Feb I’ll be sharing the decks with Sam Jacob and Scott Pelloux at the second Cycledelic Dance Party, Micycle East, 58 Southgate Road London N1 3JF, 8:30pm til late. Entry is free. Bring refreshments, with fruit especially welcome. I fancy this party is going to build into something special. It’s a small space so it’d be good if you could let me know if you’re coming down.

On Saturday 23 Feb Beauty and the Beat guys will be putting on a party at the Yard. I can’t make it but wish I could. I heard last weekend’s BATB party was awesome.

On Saturday 2 March I’ll be DJing at the Partisan Collective’s all-day party, 2pm to midnight, 19 Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester M4 4FY. Irfan Rainy and Sofie K will be joining behind the decks. I took part in a Partisan conversation with Tom Smith of Cosmic Slop a few months ago—they’ve got a really interesting thing going on there. They’re also putting together an audiophile system for the party, so it’s getting even more interesting. The party will run from 2pm-midnight—super jam.

On Saturday 16 March there’s an All Our Friends party at Chats Palace, 42-44 Brooksby’s Walk E9 6DF, 5pm to half-past-midnight. My heart just missed a beat there. On Sunday 24 March Lucky Cloud Sound System is holding its spring party at Rose Lipman, De Beavoir Road, 5pm to midnight. Colleen will be musical hosting. Rboerta Cutolo and I will be celebrrating birthdays :)

On Saturday 30 March the Beauty and the Beat guys will be back at the Yard. I’m going to head down, hope to see you there. On Saturday 27 April I’ll be heading to Norwich to select music with organisers Bill Savory and George Bacon at the Soul Stew party, which I’ve been hearing good things about for a while now. I’ll be doing a talk in the pm, with the party starting around 9pm.

On Saturday 18 May there’s another All Our Friends party at Chats Palace. My heart just missed a beat there.

Good times for music and dancing, hope to see you soon,