Partisan All Day Party in Manchester

This coming Saturday I'll be heading to Manchester to play records at Partisan's all-day party #6, which runs from midday to midnight--so starts even earlier than All Our Friends :)

 The invite came after an end-of-year visit to Partisan, where I took part in a conversation about community partying and audiophile sound with Tom Smith of Cosmic Slop. I remember being particularly taken with the way Partisan have their own building--the potential is pretty remarkable. Since the invite I've been equally taken by the way Isaac Rose and friends have set about constructing the best possible sound system for the party, which has included Isaac purchasing secondhand Klipschorns and constructing false corners. It's incredible to see the way that, one way or another, the Loft and David's insistence that Lucky Cloud replicate the Loft system in London has led to so many other parties and music listening spaces running with the idea that good sound can enhance social connectivity. Massively looking forward to sharing the journey and the decks with Irfan Rainy and Sofie K. Many thanks to Xav for organising.

Partisan is at 19 Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester, M4 4FY. It's free entry for Partisan members and £5 on the door for non-members. Click on the link for more info plus words of wisdom, including "!! Serious partying does not require serious sleep deprivation !!"

Hope to see you there x